Emotion-Provoking Events

The data folder contains manually created and automatically extracted events described in the paper:
Hoa Trong Vu, Graham Neubig, Sakriani Sakti, Tomoki Toda, Satoshi Nakamura. Acquiring a Dictionary of Emotion-Provoking Events (BibTex)
14th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL). Gothenburg, Sweden. April 2014.

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Brief description of the data:

1. Each file in ManuallyCreatedEvents folder contains manually extracted events for each emotions
(happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, anger). There are one event and its frequency in each line which
are separated by tab character.

	I am going to be late for an appointment/work	5

2. Similarly AutomaticallyExtractedEvents folder contains events that we extracted by our system.

Each file in noClustered folder, in each line, there are one event, its reliability, its frequency (tab separated)

	you will forget me	6.261881694447788E-11	75

Each file in clusteredEvents folder, there are clusters of similar events sorted by cluster's frequency

	someday you will forget me	0.10290831327438354	6
	you will forget about her	0.09604775905609131	4
	you will forget me	0.014152615331113338	5
	you will forget about me	8.75978366821073E-5	63
	you will just forget about me	2.3247452190844342E-5	3

Emotion Judgements

We have also provided judgements from two annotators about emotions corresponding to particular events. You can download the file here.

Contact author:

(1) Hoa Vu
University of Engineering and Technology, VNU
Email: hoavutrongvn at gmail.com
(2) Graham Neubig
Augmented Human Communication Laboratory
Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)
Email: neubig at is.naist.jp
Homepage: http://www.phontron.com