Minutes of 2011 Oriental-COCOSDA General Meeting (prepared by Chiu-yu Tseng)

Date:14:50-17:30, October 28 (Fri), 2011
Place:Microelectronics and Information System Research Center, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Attended by:Participants of the International Conference of O-COCOSDA 2011
Chair:Dr. Chiu-yu Tseng, Convener, Oriental-COCOSDA

1. Opening remarks (Dr. Chiu-yu Tseng, Convener)
Oriental-COCOSDA (O-C) Convener Chiu-yu Tseng, also co-chair of the Oriental-COCOSDA 2011 conference thanked the participants from afar as the conference approached its end.

2. Preparation of Orientation-COCOSDA 2012 (Prof. Tan Lee, CUHK and Professor Derek Wong Fai, University of Macau)
Professor Tan Lee presented CUHK’s plan to follow the successful format of the Oriental-COCSDA 2003 conference to organize Oriental-COCOSDA 2012 as a continuing event of ISCSLP, a biannual international conference on Chinese spoken language processing. While ISCSLP2012 will take place in HK, the organizers have obtained strong support from the University of Macau as a local organizer of O-C2012. Professor Derek Wong Fai then presented a short introduction of the University of Macau and its conference facilities. The date is set at early December, 2012.

3. Presentation of 15 country/region activities reports
Though we received no reports from Pakistan and the Philippines this year, 13 reports were received before the conference and included in the conference proceedings. 13 oral reports were presented at the meeting by representatives from each country or region except Vietnam. The reports updated activities related to speech database collection, resource sharing and evaluation measurements. The O-C tradition of presentation by alphabetic order was adjusted this year to accommodate representatives who needed to leave for the airport in order to catch late flights. O-C2011 is marked the first participation of representatives from the Mongolia Republic.

1. Thailand (Chai Wutiwiwatchai)
2. China (Aijun Li)
3. Hong Kong (Tan Lee)
4. India (Shyam Agrawal)
5. Indonesia (Hammam Riza)
6. Japan (Shuichi Itahashi)
7. Korea (Yong-Ju Lee)
8. Malaysia (Zuraidah Mohd Don)
9. Mongolia (Damdinsuren Bayanduuren)
10. Nepal (Bhim Regmi)
11. Singapore (Haizhou Li)
12. Pakistan (no report)
13. Philippines (no report)
14. Taiwan (Hsiao-chuan Wang)
15. Vietnam (Luong Chi Mai, presented by Chiu-yu Tseng)

4. U-STAR Report (Dr. Satoshi Nakamura)
Dr. Satoshi Nakamura reported U-STAR that covers a wide range of Asian languages such as Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Malay and Mongol (Mongolia). Continued research on machine translation is the goal of the U-STAR efforts.

5. AESOP report (Professor Yoshinori Sagisaka)
Professor Yoshinori Sagisaka presented update of the AESOP consortium, focusing on the agreements reached during its annual workshop held the day before (Oct. 25, 2011). The AESOP group now includes Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, China Indonesia and Nepal. The AESOP Steering Committee has reached the resolution that the collected speech data will remain open resource for contributing members only. Other interested countries include India and Nepal. Professor Sagisaka will continue his efforts to seek participation from less-resourced countries in Asia.

6. Election of Oriental-COCOSDA Convener
Professor Satoshi Nakamura of NAIST (Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan), a strong supporter of O-C from its start was nominated to succeed of Chiu-yu Tseng (term 2006-2011) as the new convener of Oriental-COCOSDA. He was voted unanimously as the new convener.