Minutes of 2010 Oriental-COCOSDA General Meeting (prepared by Chiu-yu Tseng)

Date:15:25-17:25, November 25 (Thurs), 2010
Place:Hotel Orchid, Tripureshor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Attended by:Participants of the International Conference of O-COCOSDA 2010
Chair:Dr. Chiu-yu Tseng, Convener, Oriental-COCOSDA

1. Opening remarks (Dr. Chiu-yu Tseng, Convener)
Oriental-COCOSDA (O-C) Convener Chiu-yu Tseng thanked the local organizers Proessor Jai Raj Awasthi, Tribhuban University and Mr. Bhim Narayan Regmi, CECODES, Kathmandu for hosting the first O-C conference in Nepal.

2. Country/region activities reports
Except Mongolia and Nepal 13 countries/regions sent 1-page (or 6 Ppt slides) reports before the conference; these reports are included in the conference proceedings. 14 oral reports were presented at the meeting, 7 by representatives and 7 by Chiu-yu Tseng on behalf of absent representatives. The reports are updates of activities related to speech database collection, resource sharing and evaluation measurements.

1. China (Thomas Fang Zheng)
2. Hong Kong (Tan Lee, presented by Chiu-yu Tseng)
3. India (Shyam Agrawal)
4. Indonesia (Hammam Riza, presented by Chiu-yu Tseng)
5. Japan (Shuichi Itahashi)
6. Korea (Yong-Ju Lee)
7. Malaysia (Zuraidah Mohd Don, presented by Chiu-yu Tseng)
8. Mongolia (no report)
9. Nepal (Bhim Regmi)
10. Singapore (Haizhou Li, presented by Chiu-yu Tseng)
11. Pakistan (Sarmad Hussain)
12. Philippines (Jocelyn Cu, presented by Chiu-yu Tseng)
13. Taiwan (Hsiao-chuan Wang)
14. Thailand (Chai Wutiwiwatchai, presented by Chiu-yu Tseng)
15. Vietnam (Luong Chi Mai, presented by Chiu-yu Tseng)

3. O-C Book Report (Professor Shuichi Itahashi)
Editor-in-Chief Professor Shuichi Itahashi, who initiated O-C before 1997 and served in the capacity of O-C Convener until the end of 2005 reported the publication of the book Computer Processing of Asian Spoken Languages by the Consideration Books of The Americas Group in 2010. The 372-page book is a commemoration of a decade of sustained activities of the O-C community and edited by Shuichi Itahashi of National Institute of Informatics, Japan and Chiu-yu Tseng of the Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

4. A-STAR Activity Report (Dr. Satoshi Nakamura)
Dr. Satoshi Nakamura reported on continued activities of the A-STAR that has brought Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Singapore into the consortium, and the beginning of U-STAR that covers the following languages: Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Malay. Expected new members include Pakistan (Urdu), Bangladesh (Bangla), Sri Lanka (Sinla), Mongol (Mongolia). Activities ITU-Standardization was also reported.

5. AESOP report (Professor Yoshinori Sagisaka)
Professor Yoshinori Sagisaka presented update of AESOP, an open-resource consortium L2 Asian English speech representing regional varieties spoken in Asia. The consortium continues to interested researchers at large. In addition to the founding members Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand, China became an active participant from 2010. Other interested countries include India and Nepal. Professor Sagisaka will continue his efforts to seek participation from less-resourced countries in Asia. The annual AESOP workshop is set to take place the day before annual O-C conferences.

6. Presentation (Professor Datta Majumdar)
Professor Datta Majumdar reported on education policies on English in Nepal and programs of linguistics as well.

7. FLaReNet (Professor Joseph Mariani)
Professor Joseph Mariani presented strategic cooperation not only between the European FLaReNet network and COCOSDA, and sought participation from the O-C community.

8. O-C2011 (Professor Hsiao-Chuan Wang)
The proposal by Taiwan to organize O-COCOSDA 2011 was presented by conference chair Professor Hsiao-chuan Wang of National Tsing Hua University; co-chair Professor Sin-Horng Chen of National Chiao Tung University and Dr. Chiu-yu Tseng of Academia Sinica were also present. The dates of O-C2011 is set for the period of Oct. 26-28.