Minutes of Oriental-COCOSDA General Meeting (prepared by Chiu-yu Tseng)

Date: 09:30-12:10, August 11(Tues), 2009

Attended by: Participants of the International Conference of O-COCOSDA 2009

Chair: Dr. Chiu-yu Tseng, Convener, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

  1. Opening remarks:

  1. Country and Region Reports:

    1. Country/region activities reports
    1. China (Aijun Li, Thomas Fang Zheng)
    2. Hong Kong(Tan Lee, Helen Meng presented by Chiu-yu Tseng)
    3. India (Shyam Agrawal)
    4. Indonesia (Hammam Riza presented by Chiu-yu Tseng)
    5. Japan (Shuichi Itahashi, Satoshi Nakamura)
    6. Korea (Yong-Ju Lee)
    7. Malaysia (Zuraidah Mohd Don presented by Chiu-yu Tseng)
    8. Nepal (Bhim Regmi presented by Chiu-yu Tseng)
    9. Singapore (Haizhou Li)
    10. Pakistan (No report received)
    11. Philippines (Jocelyn Cu, Rachael Edita Roxas)
    12. Taiwan (Hsiao-chuan Wang presented by Sin-Horng Chen)
    13. Thailand (Chai Wutiwiwachai, Ananlada Chotimongkol)
    14. Vietnam (Luong Chi Mai)

  1. O-COCOSDA 2008 Book update

  1. Membership Newsletter update (Shyam Agrawal)
  1. AESOP report
  1. Future hosts of O-COCOSDA meetings
  1. O-COCOSDA 2010
  1. O-COCOSDA 2011

The proposal by Taiwan to organize O-COCOSDA 2011 was prepared by Hsiao-chuan Wang and presented by Sin-Horng Chen.

  1. O-COCOSDA 2012 and onward

The assembly reiterated the 2008 resolution that O-COCOSDA conferences be rotated by a cycle established by the 10 organizers from 1998 to 2007, repeating from 2008, with the exception of countries or regions not yet hosted O-COCSDA conferences and new comers of the community. Philippines expressed interest to host after 2012. However, it was pointed out that Hong Kong, a long standing active contributing member of O-COCOSDA, has not yet organized any O-COCOSDA conferences. Therefore, it is the general consensus that Hong Kong comes before the Philippines and Convener Chiu-yu Tseng will solicit feedback and coordinate events during the interim.