15, Dec. 2005

Oriental COCOSDA Committee Meeting Minute

Date: The. 6, Dec. 2005; 16:00-17:30

Place: Conference Room, BPPT, Jakarta, Indonesia

Participants: Aijun Li, Thomas, Fang Zheng, P. C. Ching, A. A. Arman, H. Riza, N. Campbell, S. Itahashi, S. Nakamura, D. Erdenebat, H-C Wang, Zuraidah M. Don, G. Knowles, H. Obari , T-B Seong, C-Y Tseng, Y-N Um, Chai Wutiwiwatchai


  1. Itahashi introduced a rough sketch of COCOSDA and Oriental COCOSDA and then he showed the list of representatives of Oriental COCOSDA.
  2. New regional representatives: We usually have two representatives from each region. Itahashi proposed two candidates from Malaysia and one from Viet Num. Unfortunately, none of them were present at the meeting. Some participants from Malaysia showed an interest in the activities of Oriental COCOSDA. So, it was agreed that we should wait for a while and we ask Malaysian colleagues to discuss this matter so that they come to an agreement who will join the ??6Oriental COCOSDA Committee Meeting.
  1. Next meting in 2006: The hosts to-be from Malaysia did not come to Jakarta, but Itahashi presented a promotion power-point slides which were sent to him from Prof. Pandian via Dr. Ariff. They proposed to host the next meeting in Penag, Malaysia. The venue will be Hotel Equatorial Penang.
  2. Meetings after 2005: Vietnam, Xinjang Uygur Autonomous Region of China and Ulan Bator were suggested as the candidates for the venue of the meeting. Dr. Erdenebat said that there are some active researchers in Xinjang and Ulan Bator working on Mongolian speech and language and he will contact them.
  3. Cooperation with NLP community: There are several conferences related to NLP such as ALR, ICCPOL, ICSP, ISCSLP, PACLIC, PACLING, etc. The ALR seems to be a NLP counterpart of Oriental COCOSDA. It was suggested that we continue considering the cooperation with them.

P. S.

Advisory members:

China: Jialu Zhang

Japan: Hiroya Fujisaki

Korea: Aougil Ann

China: Profs. Thomas Fang Zheng, Aijun Li
Hong Kong : Profs. Qiang Huo, P. C. Ching
India: Drs. Shyam S. Agrawal, K. Samudravijaya

Indonesia: Drs. Arry Akhmad Arman, Hammam Riza
Japan: Prof. S. Itahashi, Dr. Satoshi Nakamura

Dr. Nick Campbell (Liaison to COCOSDA-CCC)
Korea: Profs. Yong Ju Lee, Yung Hwan Oh
Mongolia: Dr. Dawa Idomuso, Dashtseren Erdenebat
Singapore: Prof. Kim Teng Lua, Dr. Haizhu Li
Taiwan: Profs. Lin-shan Lee, Hsiao-Chuan Wang
Thailand: Dr. Virach Sornlertlamvanich, Prof. Thanaruk Theeramunkong

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