7, Oct. 2003

Oriental COCOSDA Committee Meeting Minute

Date: Thu. 2, Oct. 2003

Place: Sijori Resort Sentosa, Singapore

Participants: S. Agrawal, N. Campbell, K. Hirose, S. Itahashi, Y-J Lee, H-Z Li, K-T Lua, Patcharika Colsomrong, Rungkarn Siricharoenchai, C-Y Tseng, H-C Wang , T. F. Zheng


  1. Regional representatives: We have one to three representatives from each region now. Itahashi proposed that it would be desirable to have two representatives from each region so that one of them at least can be present at the meeting. This was approved and Dr. K. Samudravijaya was recommended for India and Dr. S. Nakamura was recommended for Japan. Itahashi will ask the concerned representatives to recommend one more person from Hong Kong, Mongolia and Thailand. We also try to invite representatives from Indonesia.
  2. Advisory committee: Itahashi proposed that we should have an advisory committee to have senior members who could give suitable advice to the representative?? ??? committee. For the members of the advisory committee, Dr. S-G Ann, Dr. H. Fujisaki, and Dr. J. Zhang was recommended and approved.
  3. Topic domain: It was discussed whether we should have topic domains as the parent COCOSDA does, which include Evaluation of Speech Understanding and Dialogue Systems, Multi-modal Corpora, Corpus Annotation Tools, and Local Languages. This subject was discussed together with the next one.
  4. Multilingual Speech Corpus: As a candidate for Oriental COCOSDA topic domain, Collecting Multilingual Corpus was suggested by Itahashi with the support from Y-J Lee. But there was not explicit approval for this subject. We need more time to think over this matter.
  5. Next meting in India: Dr. Agrawal reported the plan of the next meeting. It will be held during Wed. 17 to Fri. 19, Nov. 2004 in New Delhi at some hotel. There will also be a Symposium on speech and natural language processing in parallel with Oriental COCOSDA meeting. Registration fee will be $200 for overseas participants and &100 for those from India and students. Financial support will be available for those who are hard to afford the registration fee. He plans to have 6 keynote speeches during the conference, two for each day. He mentioned a plan of the general chair, members of the international advisory committee, organizing committee, and program committee. The conference will be hosted by C-DAC, Nodia and the initial approval was obtained. There will be such events as scientific demonstration by Indian research groups and also some sightseeing.
  6. Meetings after 2004: Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan were suggested as the candidates for the venue of the meeting. However, it was discussed that it would be difficult to have a meeting in Indon?? ???a???怠??esia, because a delegate from Indonesia we had for the first time this year was from natural language processing (NLP) community, though the paper was on speech synthesis. We had no participant from Malaysia this time, but we could try to find somebody to take care of the meeting. If it is not possible to have one in Malaysia, then we could consider to have a meeting in Japan.
  7. Cooperation with NLP community: NLP community has launched an organization called ICWLR (International Committee for Written Language Resources) which can be considered as the NLP counterpart of COCOSDA. Under this, AFNLP (Asia Federation of Natural Language Processing, http://www.afnlp.org/) was established which is going to host a new conference CJNLP (International Joint Conference on NLP), which is the successor to NLPRS. It is scheduled to be held on March 22-24 in Hainan Island, China. There are also several conferences related to NLP such as PACLIC, PACLING, ICCC, ROCLING, ISCSP, NCMMC, etc. Possibility of cooperation with some of these conferences was discussed. It was approved to consider future joint conference with IJCNLP or some other one.

P. S.

Present representatives are as follows:
China: Profs. Jialu Zhang, Thomas Fang Zheng, Aijun Li
Hong Kong : Prof. Qiang Huo
India: Dr. S. Agrawal
Japan: Prof. S. Itahashi, Dr. Nick Campbell (Liason to CCC)
Korea: Profs. Y-J Lee, Y-H Oh
Mongolia: Dr. Dawa Idomuso
Singapore: Prof. Kim Teng Lua
Taiwan: Profs. Lin-shan Lee, H-C Wang
Thailand: Dr. Virach Sornlertlamvanich