Oriental COCOSDA Meeting minute 2002 in Thailand

Date: Fri. 10 May, 21:30 - 22:00

Place: Hotel Sofitel Central Hua Hin Lobby


S. Agrawal, H. Fujisaki, S. Itahashi, A. Kurematsu, Y-J Lee, R. Thongprasirt, C-Y Tseng, H-C Wang, T. F. Zheng

1. S. Itahashi mentioned that the next meeting of O-C is planned to be held in Singapore in Mar. 2003. He said he discussed with Prof. Kim-Teng Lua, National University of Singapore, but the plan is not fixed yet.

2. S. Agrawal proposed that it is possible to host O-C meeting in India. The best period will be between November and March in New Delhi or somewhere else. It was suggested to have it in 2004.

3. S. Agrawal proposed that it will be necessary for O-C to have a sort of agenda or standard of speech corpora: recording, digitization, labeling, transcription, software tools, etc.

4. S. Itahashi proposed to collect multilingual speech corpus with collaborative work of O-C members.

5. Y-J Lee proposed to collect speech corpus of English spoken by Asian people with common text.

6. H. Fujisaki stressed the necessity of an interface with NLP community.