Minute of Oriental COCOSDA Meeting (Sep. 7, 1999)?

1. Date, place and participants:

   -September 7, 1999, 13:00 - 14:00 at lunch room of Eurospeech99, Budapest

   -Shuichi ITAHASHI, Yung-Hwan OH, Hsiao-Chuan WANG, Bo XU,

   Keikichi HIROSE, Lin-shan LEE, Hiroya FUJISAKI, Akira KUREMATSU,

   Qiang HUO, Nick CAMPBELL, Sumio OHNO?

2. Representatives from each coutry/territory/language:

   a) Hong Kong: Prof. Qiang Huo*

   b) Taiwan: Prof. Lin-shan Lee*, Prof. Hsiao-chuan Wang

   c) Korea: Prof. Yong-Ju Lee*, Prof. Yung-Hwan Oh

   d) Singapore: Prof. Lua Kim Teng*

   e) China: Prof. Fang Zheng, Prof. Jialu Zhang

   f) Thailand: Dr. Virach Sornlertlamvanich*

   g) Mongolia: Mr. Dawa Idomuso*

   h) Japan: Prof. Shuichi Itahashi*, (Dr. Nick Campbell - liaison to CCC)

3. Working Group on Prosody:

- Working group on transcription with 3 subgroups:

   a) Transcription of segmental features

   b) Transcription of prosodic features

   c) Others

   - Topics for transcription

   - Internal availability

4. Meeting schedule (tentative)

   Mon. 16, Oct. 2000: Oriental Cocosda Workshop (parallel to ISSD)

   Fri. 20, Oct. 2000: Joint session with SS7 of ICSLP2000

   Sat. 21, Oct. 2000: Oriental Cocosda meeting (afternoon)

    2001: Oriental Cocosda Workshop in Korea