On Recent Activities of Oriental COCOSDA

To those who are interested in COCOSDA,

                                                                   Oct. 7, 1994
                      "On Oriental COCOSDA"

                        Shuichi ITAHASHI
          Institute of Information Sciences and Electronics
                      University of Tsukuba
             1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305, Japan

At the COCOSDA meeting in Yokohama, Japan, on Sept. 23, 1994, Shuichi ITAHASHI 
proposed that it is necessary for oriental countries to set up an organization 
through which people concerned can exchange ideas and discuss regional matters 
on spoken language processing. What he said is as follows:

1)Regional problems should be settled by regional effort.
2)There has been growing interest in oriental languages from Western countries.
3)There are many peculiarities in oriental languages which are different from 
  European languages:
  a)They are of much variety; they belong to different language groups.
  b)They use different orthographic systems such as Chinese characters, 
    Korean syllabic alphabets and Japanese Kana alphabets.
  c)There are various systems of romanization.
  d)Correspondence between orthography and phonemic or phonetic description is 
    not necessarily clear.
4)Oriental countries have regional continuity.

There are already several organizations in each oriental country but they do 
not have any mutual communication so far. 
S. Itahashi discussed the above points with Profs. Souguil Ann, Yong-Ju Lee 
and Dr. Cheol-Woo Jo from Korea, and Profs. Jialu Zhang and Renhua Wang from 

They agreed to the proposal that oriental countries should have an organization
which coordinate problems related to speech corpora, speech recognition, 
speech synthesis and speech I/O systems assessment methods.
S. Itahashi, J. Zhang and C. W. Jo discussed on the above mentioned matter.

S. Itahashi said that he would take care of coordinating mutual communication 
among the people concerned for the present. He also said that he would send 
address list of prospective members, hopefully within a month, to Profs. S. G. 
Ann and J. L. Zhang and other people concerned.

The lists of prospective members and existing organizations concerning 
speech corpora in each country are attached below. 
If there are other organizations concerned with speech corpora, please let me 
know as soon as possible. You are requested to correct mistakes, add relevant 
information, recommend suitable members and give comments to this manuscript.
Existing organizations related to spoken language processing.
1)Chinese COCOSDA
  Prof. Jialu Zhang and ? members
2)KCCSLP: Korean Coordinating Committee for Spoken Language Processing
  Prof. Souguil Ann and ? members
3)Speech Database Committee, Acoustical Society of Japan
  Prof. S. Itahashi and 29 members
4)Speech Input/Output Systems Committee, JEIDA
  Prof. S. Itahashi and 19 members
  JEIDA: Japan Electronic Industry Development Association
5)LRSI: Linguistic Resources Sharing Initiative
  Dr. T. Yokoi and 24 members
6)Database Workshop of RWCP(Real World Computing Partnership) is interested 
  in creating linguistic corpora and image database.
  Prof. S. Itahashi and 14 members
7)ATR Interpreting Telecommunications Research Laboratories
  Dr. Yamazaki and members
9)Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas Project 
  "Spoken Dialogue"    
  Prof. S. Doshita and 100 members
10)Monbusho International Scientific Research Program: Joint Research on 
   "Spoken Language Database"
  Prof. H. Fujisaki and 14 members