--ORIENTAL COCOSDA Workshop 2000--

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Beijing International Convention Center
Mon. Oct. 16, Beijing, China

10:00    Opening (download (ppt file)) 
              ITAHASHI Shuichi, University of Tsukuba, Japan

10:20    Recent Activities in China: Speech Corpora and Assessment(download (ppt file))
              DU Limin, Chinese Academy of Science, China
10:40    Recent Activities of Speech I/O Assessment and Speech Corpus in Korea (download (ppt file)) 
              LEE Yong-Ju, Wonkwang University, Korea
11:00    Speech Corpora and ASR Assessment in Taiwan(download (doc file)) 
              WANG Hsiao-Chuan, National Tsing Hua Uiversity, Taiwan
11:20    JEIDA Standard of Symbols for Japanese Text-to-Speech Synthesizer(download (doc file)) 
              TANAKA Kazuyo, Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan
11:40    A Database for Mongolian Speech Considering Dialectal Characteristics (download (ppt file)) 
              DAWA Idomuso, Waseda University, Japan

12:00    Lunch Break

13:20    Labeling Emphasis in Continuous Mandarin Speech: Preliminary Design and Results (download(abstract,ppt file)) 
              TSENG Chiu-yu, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
13:40    Speech Research and Corpora in Thailand(download (ppt file))
              Virach Sornlertlamvanich, NECTEC, Thailand
14:00    Current Status and New Organization of COCOSDA  
              LEE Lin-shan, Academia Sinica, Taiwan(download (ppt file)),(download (doc file))
14:10    Discussion on the ways ahead

14:30    Closing
              DU Limin, Chinese Academy of Science, China